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Ready to have all of your questions about sex answered - WITHOUT any of the awkwardness?! 

Have you missed out on the unprecedented success of our first three annual virtual Sex Seminars? Do you love HUGE savings?

Grab the brand new Sex Seminar Bundle featuring 46 educational presentations from leading marriage and sex experts!

From the comfort of your own couch, you and your spouse will each get an all-access passes to all THREE virtual gatherings of videos from your new favorite sex-perts! 

You’ll Get:

23 engaging presentations from this year’s 2022 Sex Seminar!

14 approachable presentations from last year’s 2021 Sex Seminar!

9 original presentations from our first annual 2020 Sex Seminar!

The will absolutely TRANSFORM your approach to a healthier sex life.

Here are the courses you will gain access to:

In this year’s brand-new 2022 Sex Seminar:

  • 5 Steamy Dates for the Bedroom by Tara Carson from The Dating Divas
  • Sex and Pregnancy by Tammy Hill, LMFT
  • Moving Past the Day to Get in the Mood by Tammy Green from Married & Naked
  • Porn Use; Perspective of the Betrayed by Stephanie Boersma from Reclaimed Marriage Ministry
  • The Importance of Sex in Marriage by Rachel + Greg Denning from Extraordinary Family Life
  • Roommate Syndrome by Nate Bagley from Growth Marriage
  • 7 Ways to Have the Best Sex EVER by Julie Teffeteller from Couples Club Hub
  • 10 Books to Improve Your Married Sex Life by Lori Cluff Schade, PhD, LMFT and Sandra Jensen, Ph.D., LMFT
  • Your Marriage Can Be Great When You Learn How to Communicate by Laura Gethers from Love Harder Marriage
  • How to be Fun and Romantic…Even When it’s Not Your Thing by Josie McEwen from Romance Enhanced Consulting
  • How Regular is Your Romp? by J Parker from Hot, Holy, Humorous
  • Top Ways to be More Attractive to Your Wife by Dr. Mark Frazier, Psychiatrist and Marriage Coach
  • Foreplay 24/7/365 by Dr. Kim Kimberling, President and Co-Founder of Awesome Marriage
  • Sexual Mindfulness by Dr. Chelom Leavitt
  • Is Pornography Really An Addiction? by Cameron Staley Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist from Life After Pornography
  • Sex Ed 101: Uncovering the Most Common Sex Myths by Dr. Camden Morgante
  • How to Ramp Up Your Sex Drive: Tips for the Low Drive Spouse by Denise + Oliver Marcelle from Denoli
  • Men’s Sexual Health and Lasting Longer by Dan & Emily Purcell from Get Your Marriage On
  • 8 Barriers Women Have to Sex (and how their men can help) by Belah Rose, founder of Delight Your Marriage
  • Finding More Joy and Fulfillment in Sex by Ariel Finlinson, sex educator and host of the Ladies Talking Love podcast
  • Uncompromising Intimacy by Alexandra Stockwell, MD
  • End Your Argument Hangovers So You Can Return to Intimacy Faster by Aaron + Jocelyn Freeman 
  • Initiating Ideas & Styles: How to Get a Yes More Often by Amanda Louder, Certified Sex & Marriage Coach


From the 2021 Sex Seminar:

  • 5 Super Sexy At-Home Date Ideas by Tara Carson from The Dating Divas
  • “I Want to Want to!” by Laura M. Brotherson, LMFT, CST from Strengthening Marriage
  • 4 Solid Principles of Passion by Matt Eschler PhD, LMFT from Integrated Counseling and Wellness
  • Overcoming Orgasm Obstacles by Sarah Belzer of Coconu
  • Foreplay 101 by J Parker from Hot, Holy, Humorous
  • Stage 3 Sex & Whole-hearted Lovemaking by Dan Purcell from Get Your Marriage On
  • 5 Things Your Spouse Wants From You in Bed by Dr. Kim Kimberling from Awesome Marriage
  • The Five Gears of Touch by Amanda Louder
  • Seductive Confidence by Belah Rose from Delight Your Marriage
  • Making Love Intentional by Rhonda Farr
  • From Boring to Soaring by Monica Tanner from On the Brighter Side of Marriage
  • Beyond the Bedroom by Amberly Lambertsen from A Prioritized Marriage
  • Porn Problems? by Nate Bagley from Growth Marriage
  • Energy Hacks for When You’re Tired of Being Exhausted by Dr. Meghan Schoening of Riverbend Wellness Center

From the 2020 Sex Seminar:

  • How to Talk About Sex by Dr. Kim Kimberling from Awesome Marriage
  • How to Better Understand Female Sexuality by Laura Brotherson, LMFT, CST
  • How to Make Time for Sex by Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo from ONE Extraordinary Marriage
  • How to Deal With Varying Sex Drives by J. Parker from Hot, Holy, Humorous
  • How to Overcome Pornography and Sexual Addiction by Timm Curtis, LCSW: 
  • How to Add Variety for Long-Lasting Connection and Pleasure by Dan Purcell from Get Your Marriage On
  • How to Bust Through Your Limiting Sexual Beliefs by Celeste Davis from Marriage Laboratory
  • How to Increase Libido by Dr. Megan Schoening from Balanced Wellness
  • How to Make Sex More Fun by Tara Carson from The Dating Divas

Decide NOW that it’s time to make your sex life a top priority!

Break free from your old habits and amp up your sex life today!

These are video recordings that will need to be viewed in a web browser.

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