DIGITAL 12 Days of Christmas PLUS 12 Sexy Nights


Have you been looking for a way to reconnect with your spouse during the usually-crazy holiday season? 

This 2-for-1 Christmas gift for your spouse is exactly what your relationship needs in order to make your marriage rock, both during the day, and during the night!

Here’s what you’ll get in this perfect gift:

12 Day of Christmas

This festive, interactive holiday countdown book is designed to make your sweetie the center of your attention for 12 days leading up to Christmas! 

The 12 days book includes: 

  • 12 themed “days” for you and your spouse
  • Interactive activities for each of the 12 days
  • Physical tear-out pages with virtually all of the supplies for each activity
  • Cute cut-out gift tags that will give your spouse a sneak peek of that day’s activity! 

The 12 simple, creative, and meaningful activities will allow you and your spouse to create memories and make this Christmas unforgettable!

The 12 days included in this countdown are:

  • Holiday Tree Attack
  • Christmas Conversation Cards
  • Christmas Movie Bingo
  • Christmas Stories and Mad Libs
  • Nativity Gifts
  • Winter Scavenger Hunt
  • Gift Wrap Battle
  • Christmas Cookie Date Night
  • Christmas Karaoke Challenge
  • Christ Car Clean-out
  • Christmas Light Laughs
  • Special Christmas Gift

On the 12th and final Day of Christmas, you’ll give your sweetie the steamy second half of their present:

12 Sexy Nights

These 12 electric and sexy themed bedroom nights and activities are NOT Christmas related, so they are meant to be used… whenever the mood strikes! ;) 

The 12 Sexy Nights book includes:

  • 12 themed evenings and bedroom games to enjoy anytime of the year! (They are NOT Christmas-related!)
  • Interactive activities for each of the 12 nights
  • Physical tear-out pages with virtually all of the supplies for each activity!

These 12 steamy themed bedroom evenings can be enjoyed anytime of the year, and many can be repeated!

The 12 nights includes:

  • Night of Adventure
  • Night of Mystery
  • Night of Chance
  • Night of Romance
  • Night of Relaxation
  • Night of Fun
  • Night of Surprises
  • Night of Pleasure
  • Night of Memories
  • Night of Bonding
  • Night of Flirting
  • Night of Competition

Click below to order now and get a massive 2-for-1 deal that is sure to make your marriage rock this Christmas season!

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